Andrew Kudelka

Mongrel is a gritty urban horror comic co-created by writer Ed Dunphy and artist Andrew Mitchell Kudelka. The 3 issues of this 1990s-era, Chicago-based horror piece are entitled: ‘Urban Nightmare’, ‘Kinslayer’ and ‘Lunatics’. At its core, Mongrel is about 2 men locked in a life and death struggle, each hunting the other. Eric is a vicious werewolf who’s Hell-bent on destroying an established supernatural wolfpack, and Will is a tough-as-nails homicide detective who doesn’t even believe in the paranormal. As he investigates the gruesome string of murders on his turf, Will comes to realize how personally involved he is in all this mayhem. 


"There's a current trend nowadays wherein werewolves are being marketed as sexy bad-boys meant to entice the 'tween' girl crowd... and I get why Hollywood's doing it. Really, I do. However, I grew-up loving stuff like THE WOLF MAN and THE HOWLING... so I know that werewolves are really supposed to be nasty, mean and feral... and that's why I love MONGREL. Dunphy and Kudelka are reminding us why werewolves are scary. Pay attention. It's good stuff."

-- Dirk Manning, writer of NIGHTMARE WORLD; TALES OF 

MR. RHEE; FARSEEKER and "Write or Wrong".


"I was lucky enough to be present at Mongrel's birth, and luckier still to see him return, tail waggin' and teeth bared, to his rightful place in comics. What Ed Dunphy and Andrew Mitchell Kudelka have created is nothing short of amazing. Don't ask how much

the doggy in the window is, just race in and get one! Mongrel is feral and fun!"

-- Rafael Nieves, writer of HELLSTORM, PRINCE OF LIES; 



“I cannot wait to see how this plays out. With the werewolf resurgence in full effect right now it is awesome to get Mongrel out there for the masses. This is a series not to be missed.” 

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

-- ‘Decapitated’ Dan Royer, horror comic journalist, podcaster, and creator/curator of the highly respected DAN CON. 


"Dunphy's take on werewolf lore is original in that the book is a murder mystery that isn't hung up on quasi-erotic or teen goth scenes. Co-creator Kudelka's panel layouts remind me of a less-frantic JH Williams III, and there are pages that are reminiscent of Gene Colan as one image swirls into the next. Take a chance on this book, you won't be disappointed."

--Wayne Allen Sallee, author of DREAM WOLVES (Dramenon Press), I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM (Boneyard Press), book and film reviewer for FANGORIA.